Acrobatic gymnastics, a captivating discipline that seamlessly blends athleticism with artistic expression, transcends the conventional boundaries of sports to emerge as a compelling art form. At its core, acrobatic gymnastics combines strength, flexibility, and precision, transforming the human body into a dynamic canvas where gravity-defying feats unfold. (thank you ChatGPT, I couldn’t have done this any better myself :)).

Just as an introduction to say that Acrobatics is ART! But what if you would like to capture this beautiful sport as artistic as possible, and what if you could actually have this work available as large prints?
Meet AcrobARTics, a collection of artistry photos taken by Christian Degroote, also known as Acrofoto, a passionate (acro) photographer for almost 10 years!

This page provides an overview of my AcrobARTics work, most photos are available as print on large format, canvas and/or metal print. Please contact me for more information and pricing.


A collage of 4 black and white photos, showcasing acrobatic gymnastics elements in great detail, available with either black or white background.
Available as large format FineArt paper print and metal print.


Less is more, and you can turn this in any direction you prefer. An abstract gymnastics performance in Antwerp within the theme #getmovedbymotion
Available in metal print or canvas print.


Colourful motion of a tumbling gymnast in action!
Available individually or as a set in metal print or canvas print.

CHALK (2021)

Black and white studio shot showing an explosion of chalk.
Available as large format FineArt paper print and metal print.

HAND & FEET (2020)

Preparations before the competition starts, up close details of chalk being used on the gymnastics floor.
Available individually or as a set in large format FineArt paper print and metal print.

ANNA & MAIA (2020)

Taken in Bristol during the King Edmund Acro Cup.
Combine 2 up to 4 prints on Canvas or Aluminium metal print and place them side by side or stacked up / down.


My first and still one of my favourite artistic works in Acrobatics, a sequence of three photos taken using a slow shutter speed.
Set available in either large format FineArt paper print, metal print or canvas print.