PHOTO PACKS (english version)


For several years now, we have been operating on a reservation basis for most competitions! The reason is simple: it allows us to focus on customers who genuinely desire photographs. Additionally, this approach enables us to carry out our work at fair and reasonable prices that align with the time and investments we make year after year!

Upon reservation, you have the option to choose between two packages: a BASIC PACK or an ALL-IN PACK.
Tip: Discuss this with your teammates and/or parents, and book your photo pack together!”


10 tot 20 photos / exercise *, 5 downloads included

With a BASIC PACK, you personally select your favorite photos. Through a personalized link, you gain access to an online album containing 10 to 20 photos of your performance(s). Five downloads are included and immediately available. You can order additional photos as desired through the shopping cart.

The amount of 30 euros serves as an advance payment for the 5 digital downloads. Extra photos can be ordered at 6 euros each. Upgrading the Basic Pack to the complete package is also an option.

Please note, it is (currently) no longer possible to order prints. Of course, you are free to print your digital downloads yourself!


20 to 40 photos /exercise*, all downloads included

With an ALL-IN PACK, you receive all edited photos of your performance(s) and you can download the complete set of photos at a fixed price.

Multiple routines from one team? On a second or third routine (for the A-series), you’ll receive an additional discount! Refer to our price list for all the details.”

Never ordered or booked with Acrofoto before and still unsure about your choice? Check and compare a sample BASIC Pack vs. a sample ALL-IN Pack from the 2023 season. Both albums feature photos of the same balance routine in the A 11-18 category at two different competitions.

* The quantities are an average and indicative; they may vary depending on the level, performance, and environment. All prices include 21% VAT.


Use our booking form for the 2023-2024 season!


For some competitions, we provide a competition album from which you can order individual photos of most routines.
Unfortunately, it’s not feasible to edit and upload all taken photos. Due to time constraints it’s not possible to provide additional photos if you have no booking.


After each reservation, you will receive a confirmation via email; there is nothing further you need to do for now! Following the competition, you will receive another email with all the necessary information for payment.

Once we have received the payment, we will get to work. After carefully processing all your images, you will receive a link to your personal online album. Please allow for a processing time of several days to two weeks!